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“Fantastic songwriting” - The Revue

“Tenderly crafted lyrics (…) Lines that give voice to the human experience” - Alive Mag (Featured Interview)

“A smokey feel which is just what we need” - BBC6 – Lauren Laverne

“Amazing talent” –  Tonspion 

“Some of the most exciting new music to hit the airwaves in a while” - Elmore Magazine

“…blessed with a vocal that fuses Nikki Lane with Lucinda Williams” - Beat Surrender

“Smoky Americana” - Pop Matters

“Her voice could melt ice” - Innocent Words

Drive Like Steve McQueen Premieres on Paste Magazine –  Song Premiere

“A heart-wrenching lyricist whose words cut to the bone” - Bucket Full of Nails

“Stunning” - PopDose

“Like a Lynchian lullaby – all brooding menace, and dark-eyes girls in riding boots. With guns.” - Lost At E Minor


“A heartbroken sigh that builds slowly into a Honky-Tonk triumph” (Loneliest Girl in Nashville review) - The Autumn Roses

“Her songs are threaded with the smoke-filled stories of 3 a.m. drunks and back alley voices, but manage to walk that line between slinking off into the shadows and keeping one foot in the light of a passing car” - Nooga

“Like Cline and Carter, Williams and Sandoval, Andrès has helped us remember that it is often the simple things that will help us overcome.” - The Revue

“Much more than the standard Nashville Americana shuffle and twang (…) in soulful alt-country and dark folk where allusions to violence and alcohol are only a chorus away.”

- Post To Wire

“Pauline Andres is one hell of a songwriter” - Global Texan Chronicles

“A studied, literate debut filled with truths, half-lies and possible falsehoods, Andrès’ All Them Ghosts is a whiskey-shined diamond in the rough.” - Bucket Full Of Nails

“A dusky, hard-livin’ voice (..) channels the deep roots of americana” - The Modern Folk

“A new voice with an old soul” - Poet And Pariah

“All Them Ghosts (…) is thought-provoking and above all, deeply impressive. The phrase ‘write about what you know’ never seemed so apt.” - Right Chord Music

“With the spirits of a thousand noir lit nightclubs coursing through her veins and a voice conveying well-worn observations, Pauline Andrès will stick to your soul.”

- Global Texan Chronicles

“A commendable achievement” - Live And Die In Music 

“A collection of murky, smoky-mountain monuments to pain and ordinary suffering. Successfully articulated by an unusual Honky Tonk angel (…) Juddering ‘Chocolate Shoes’ is a monster-truck on a rubber-road – and ‘She’ has the same power, authority, darkness and even the manly step of anything by Johnny Cash.” - Raw Ramp (All Them Ghosts Review)

“stunningly sharp songwriting where violence and sorrow meet a profound I-don’t-care-anymore attitude that harmoniously clash with each other while calling for another drink”

- Muses

“She’s already been compared to Nick Cave. She sounds like a younger Patti Smith”

- Indie Sounds

“(a) rich smoky voice, (…) winds threads of rock and roll through a country framework”

- Now This Sound Is Brave

“I Remember Her is a fresh new lens-flared indie americana track, that marries Pauline’s signature smokey vocals with a killer vintage telecaster sound and bold carnivale organ.”


Fortune Tellin’ Ma’ makes it to the Hall of Sound & Vision on Beat Surrender

“Her vocals drip with a sultry menace, while the bluesy guitars twang in the distance and the driving percussion plays. It’s rebellious, angsty and raw.”

- Cracked Wax

“Her voice is warm and beautiful … reminding of a younger version of the great PJ Harvey (…)We forget that we are in Berlin and picture ourselves drinking whisky in some lonesome bar lost in the wide American countryside”

- Live Review @Auster Club in Berlin by It’s Only Music But Live

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